Thursday, August 14, 2008

zip-off pants

I might as well tell you before Jess gets a chance: I bought a pair of zip-off pants. That is, they are pants and they turn into capris. But look. They don't have big bulky cargo pockets, they aren't an ugly beige or olive color, and they are very lightweight and quick drying. And we hear this jungle is pretty jungly. It was basically like buying some nice capris that can be pants if they need to be. I will weather your comments.

This is our last day in Oregon until we come back in December. Tomorrow we do a lot of flying and end up in Manaus. We'll spend a day there, then get on our boat early Sunday morning. Hopefully we'll have lots of nice pictures when we return. Maybe of animals like this one.


ephraim said...

zip what??? i hope you're not planning on coming back to america with that shit. but do bring back one of those awesome creatures in the picture.

angelatlarge said...

I admit to having a pair of zip-off pants. They are capris for men, better known as "shorts". They do have the ugly (awesome) cargo pockets, but I haven't zipped them off except in Mexico.

On a different now, if you turn off the word verification feature, it would be easier to post comments here...