Saturday, August 30, 2008

we arrive in San Cristóbal, our bags travel the world

It turns out that our two largest bags were homesick for Boston. This, according to the puzzled-looking American Airlines representative in Mexico City, is where they wound up yesterday...en route from Miami to Mexico.

But we have arrived, after a fair bit of airport-sprinting, in tact along with two smaller pieces of luggage as well as our laptops, recorder, and other important things. (Not that socks and sweaters aren't important. It is currently 53 degrees here.)

Our house is lovely. It is small, and needs a little decorating, but from the window where I am typing I have an amazing view of the large-domed Guadalupe church and the mountains in the background. (Pictures to come once the bag containing the necessary cord arrives.)
We have a beautiful backyard and are an easy walk downhill to the center and markets. Here is a picture of our new city that I didn't take:

On the agenda today: call American, see if our bags have made it, go back to the airport, more unpacking, market shopping, decorating, exploring our new neighborhood.

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