Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tamales for breakfast

Saturday night is Tamale night in San Cristobal, when women, who've spent the day making piles of tamales for the coming week, and then sell any extras to anyone who stops by. So out we went, into the night, on our tamale adventure, searching out the little red lamps hung outside of homes. In all, including our guest, we purchased 6 tamales, from 2 different from-home purveyors, in 3 different varieties (all chicken): chicken w/peppers, chicken assafran (different peppers), and chicken mole, each of which we sampled at breakfast this morning, with sour cream and cholula. All were delicious, especially the banana leaf-wrapped (as opposed to corn husk-wrapped) mole and assafran varieties. Tamales for Sunday breakfast might fast become tradition.

Today we hope to round out our kitchen furnishings, with a couple of decent chopping knives, salt & pepper, a big mixing bowl, and other sundry little items. Beyond that, I don't know what all our day will hold. Guadalupe – one of S.C.'s bigger and better churches, on the hill opposite us – looks magnificent this morning, and must be full of parishioners this mass morning. After some fog earlier, by mid-morning though it has burned off and the sky is about as clear as we have seen it. A portent of huge successes to come? I have to think.

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