Monday, August 11, 2008

How nice is Portland?

It's nice. Lovely old bungalows are everywhere. Did you know that you could order those houses literally from the Sears-Roebuck catalogue? I learned that the other day. Catalogue or no, these are sweet houses. I would love to have one. We sometimes scheme about how we could come back here and have one. We are schemers like that.

So as you've read, tonight it's down the road to Eugene, where our days of idyll continue a bit longer, then off at last for Brazil and the jungle adventures that we promised way back at the inception of this blog.

After spending several hours over a couple of days looking at birds and flowers through our new binoculars last week, my eyes were sore for several days. It was really weird, having sore eyes. Anytime I looked up or down, or to the edges of my vision sideways, my eyes would hurt. After a couple of days of this I started to get a little concerned, but then they stopped hurting in pretty short order. I'm going to try repeating the experiment in Eugene tomorrow. Am I the first person this has happened to?

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