Saturday, August 2, 2008

After a good egg sandwich

So we packed up our lives and got on a plane. Oregon has been cooler and cloudier than you'd expect for this time of year, but it should be lovely for Dan and Sarah's wedding this evening. Liz and Walker just confirmed this morning that they will be coming to visit us in Mexico in November, and I had a great breakfast sandwich only about an hour ago, so things today are really looking fine.

The sun just came out, and all signs point to a beautiful wedding tonight at Chez Hagen. The house and grounds are pretty amazing. There's more custom trimwork in their kitchen alone than in whole subdivisions in West Eugene. This sounds like it, but really this might not be an exaggeration.

Hummingbirds are funny creatures. Tons of them here, all over the feeders and the wildflower garden. They resemble insects as much as birds, and they squabble constantly, which I hadn't really figured on.

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