Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a trabajar!

After a lovely few days of cooking, shopping, and strolling the city, our first visitor, Robert, has left us for Guatemala. So now it is time to really get to work. Jess started taking intensive Spanish classes yesterday and I went to my first class at CIESAS-Sureste. CIESAS offers a Master's program in Lingüística Indoamericana. It is designed to train native speaker linguists to document and analyze their languages. This semester they are taking: semantics, methodology, morphosyntactic typology, sociolinguistics, and a survey of languages of Mesoamerica. I will sit in on most classes, and in two weeks I will teach a part of the morphosyntax class...en Español!

Today we have our first real San Crisóbal rain. It has been pouring pretty hard for the last couple of hours and looks like a perfect afternoon for typing.

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