Friday, September 19, 2008

La vida agricultura

We have been in Campanario since Wednesday, taking in some good Chol and just basically doing the rural thing. It's really pretty fun having chickens in the house with you sometimes, and if that's never happened for you, well how would you know? We will make our way back to San Cristóbal tomorrow, and will have pictures from this trip to post.

Wednesday and Thursday the community celebrated the opening and consecration of the new Catholic church there, with the arrival of a priest from Tila, a couple hours away, on Thursday night to do baptisms, and the bishop all the way from San Cristóbal, to consecrate the new church, as well as perform first communions and confirmations. So we got 2 masses, and about 9 hours of church time, in our first day and a half here. Jessica was a pretty huge hit with the digital camera, and the next time we're back we will have about a hundred pictures to go door-to-door handing out.

We're in Salto de Agua now, a larger community about 30 minutes away by combi (pickup truck cum taxi-bus), using the internet, visiting friends and getting some groceries. Tonight Virginia is going to make empanadas, which will be a treat. We're looking forward to those, but also to our return to San Cristóbal, and our own kitchen and the plethora of nice little restaurants there. And to sleeping where there aren't quite so many roosters, quite so close by, to wake us every morning at 4:30.

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