Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cars, guns -- yeah, it's Mexico City

We are in rainy and big Mexico City, taking a big-city vacation from our small-town living. We are staying with my former classmate and wonderful host Rodrigo, which has been super. Last night we actually had our first tequila since coming to Mexico, nearly a month ago. We liked it. Might get some more, to start keeping at home. Rodrigo told us that Tequila really isn't just for tourists and MTV Spring Break, but that it is common to have a shot each night before dinner. It's more for sipping than for slamming (that and body shots are just for Spring Break), and goes nicely with this spicy tomato-chili-lime juice stuff that you drink along with it.

Mexico City has a lot of people in it, and a lot of cars. Walking around means taking your life in your hands at every street crossing (if any moms are reading this, we are exaggerating slightly on this point). It does also have a great subway system though, that I'd take over about any other transit system I've used. Now we've got to run, and see if the really ornery military guys with the big guns are going to let us into the Palacio Nacional to look at the murals this time.

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