Sunday, September 7, 2008

Droppin' bombs

Holy goodness Jemimah. It gets loud in San Cristóbal on a Sunday. Bells right now, from two churches, at least, or anyway I'm only picking up the two with unobstructed shots directly down into our living room (sounding chamber). A moment before, which inspired my rather unorthodox introduction, an explosive device of enormous auditory impact boomed its greetings across our back end of this high valley. These devices have been going, seemingly at random (sometimes 2-3 in one minute, sometimes you go an hour without hearing any), since ~4:30 this morning. Which brings me to the following:

It gets loud in San Cristóbal on Sunday, almost before it is even Sunday. The roosters, dogs, and noisemaker vehicles (I don't mean noisemaker as some associated aspect, but as the express purpose and design for their being; see previous posts for descriptions of some of our favorite example-vehicles) were joined by the explosive charge-cum-celebration implement – though who is celebrating, and what, at 4:30 in the morning, I dare not even guess.

Sunday does have its upsides: we ventured to the Walmart-esque supermercado at the edge of town this morning, to watch a movie and pick up a few things that we couldn't find in town (shower curtain, blender, baking sheet). Inside the store, we counted no fewer than 4 different instances of mic'd up individuals or entire supermarket bands, shouting their shopping suggestions, melodies, or invocations to enjoy the buffet in aisle 2 – I say this without jest or hyperbole.

Another plus for Sunday is the seeming running engagement our uphill neighbor has with a very enjoyable ranchera band, who've been playing throughout much of the afternoon and evening. We were treated to the same last week.

Jessica is quite sick with a very nasty little cold, and could use all of your well-wishes, hopefully in the form of comments (on that, and on how lovely we and our new home look) to this and other recent/future posts. We've missed hearing from you, this past week or so; if you're reading, and have anything to say to us, please put it out there. Otherwise this gets a little lonely and weird.

Finally, look forward, finally, to some really good pictures of the most exciting flora and fauna from our 8-day riverboat in Brazil. My parents and Derek (the passengers with the nicest photographic equipment) have posted their pictures in places where we can go get them and share them with you all. Yep: the ocelot is coming.


Jessica said...

I am sick, but I assure you I do not have dengue, yellow fever, or malaria...for the worriers among you.

Laurel said...

well i'm glad you cleared that up. because that was exactly what i was going to ask.

angelatlarge said...

a) Welcome to the blogging life (yup, gets quite lonely and boring without comments)

b) Please, please, please turn off the word verification of comments. They are annoying, and I can never type them in right. You don't get prompted with them(it is your blog) but I have to decipher unreable words and enter them into little boxes before my comment is posted. Very annoying. You are not going to get anyone spamming your comments anyway.

c) Where was the post with the noisemaker vehicles descriptions. I mean, I think I know what you are talking about, but I'd like to read your take on it.

Laurel said...

i agree with c - i don't remember the noise makers either and i actually went back and checked in case i missed something.

Jessica said...

I think you're could we have left out the noisy trucks? Here comes a new post.