Tuesday, October 28, 2008

slice the tomato fresh

Don't get me wrong, we think it is really nice that many of the restaurants around here have menus with English translations to help out us travelers. But sometimes these menus could really use double-checking by a native speaker. Here are some of our favorite menu items:
  • Hawaiian pizza with ham and pinecones (=pineapples)
  • bagel with cream cheese and salmon filled with smoke (=smoked salmon)
  • salad with slice the tomato fresh (=fresh tomatoes...or a new English resultative?)
  • pizza with Spanish ham mountain (= serrano ham; cerro = mountain)

Here in San Cristóbal it is getting colder and dryer. Not as cold as it is getting up north, but we miss our heaters at night. Above is a picture of the view from our backyard, courtesy of Peter.

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Lizzie W. said...

I can't wait for pinecones and smoke-filled salmon!!