Monday, October 6, 2008

puppy gets a new home

Last night we discovered that the puppy slept a little better if we added a bottle with hot water wrapped in a towel to her bed, but this fake mom didn't totally do the trick and we still had to get up a few times to try to figure out what our yowling little puppy wanted. The yowling continued this morning when we gave her another flea bath:

But we clearly underestimated the cuteness of our mangy little puppy. After she dried off we set off on our trip to the vet, for more puppy torture. In less than two blocks we had already stopped a couple of times for ooh-ing and aw-ing, when we met our puppy's new caregivers.

A woman and what we think may have been her grand-daughter were standing outside and ooh-ing at our puppy. We stopped and explained that we couldn't really keep it and would be happy to give them the puppy. At first the woman said she already had a puppy, but then after some more puppy-gazing asked how much we wanted for her. Shocked, we told her we weren't selling her, and that we just wanted to give her to a nice home. And we explained that she still has a few fleas, and needs attention in the middle of the night, and hasn't had any shots yet. But this woman was unbothered and told us she had flea soap and would take her to get vaccinated when she was old enough. And that was that. We went the two blocks back up to our house to get the food and other puppy paraphenelia we had acquired since Saturday. She said we could come down and visit her whenever we liked. Here is the puppy with her new mom, Doña Flor de María Gomez Martínez:

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Laurel said...

you know, i was thinking about you bathing that puppy, and i bet it would have been a lot easier if you had held her by the scruff. just sayin.